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Rebecca Halton wrote an article recently about Ryan Dobson. In it, Ryan Dobson, son of Dr. and Mrs. James Dobson, speaks about “Team Dobson.” Ryan, now 44, and his wife Laura, still enjoy spending time with his parents, James and … Continue reading

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How much do you love your wife or your husband? How good are you at showing your love? Recent news stories about Rocky Abalsomo have touched many lives. Rocky kept a regular vigil at his wife Jules’ grave for 20 … Continue reading

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We live in a day in which the importance of history is marginalized. It speaks of the self-absorption of our day when we are so consumed with ourselves that we do not recognize the contributions of those who went before … Continue reading

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Marriage is back, or at least first-time marriages are on the rise. The number of new marriages in the United States went up in 2012! This reverses a three-year decline, according to U.S. Census data. Some 4.32 million adults were … Continue reading

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In every marriage, each day produces many small offenses. A great secret of successful marriage is learning to let the little things go. The more we choose to focus on every small offense, the less room we will find for … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day long ago lost any Christian connotation.  But what is the history behind the man for whom this holiday is named?  Reliable historical records on his life are hard to find, but it is generally believed this man named … Continue reading

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Over the past decades we have been told that there is no significant difference between the people in the pew and those who do not attend church when it comes to divorce statistics. Bradley Wright, is a sociologist at the … Continue reading

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