So often we struggle to come up with strategies that are successful in getting our unchurched friends and neighbors to come to church. A article in the Spring 2017 issue of On Mission, NAMB’s quarterly publication, addressed this matter. It cited a LifeWay survey of 2000 Americans who do not attend church. The survey found these people would walk through the doors of a church if it addressed a specific need or interest. Specifically,

62% would attend a meeting at a church about a neighborhood safety event.
51% would attend a community service event.
46% would attend a sports or exercise program.
45% would attend a neighborhood get-together.
35% would attend a worship service.
25% would attend a recovery group.
24% would attend a seminar on a spiritual topic.

So what do we glean from this survey? It shows that in order to be successful in reaching the unchurched, we need to specifically target needs and interests that they feel are important.

(Source: Christianity Today, September 2016)

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