319739-44128-5We all know someone who has lost interest in spiritual things. Maybe that person has stopped attending church.  How is one to respond to a friend who seemingly walks away from God? David Sanford’s article in the Winter issue of Facts and Trends addresses this problem. He offers the following steps we can take…

1. Love your friend unconditionally.
2. Invite your friend to tell his or her story, and then just listen.
3. Be unshockable.
4. After your friend has finished talking, remain quiet.
5. Once your friend tells you what he or she needs, still don’t say anything.
6. Whatever you do, don’t promise to meet your friend’s needs.
7. If you and your friend have a mutual friend, who has a strong faith in Christ, try to reach out to that friend.
8. Ask your friend if you can pray for him or her.
9. When the time is right, ask your friend to read the Bible with you.
10. Stay in touch with your friend.

(To find out more, pick up and read David Sanford’s Loving Your Neighbor: Surprise! It’s Not What You Think, available from Kregel Publications this Summer.)

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