two-men-studying-bible-hdGreg Laurie’s book, “Tell Someone”, is the Bible study the Men’s Ministry of our church is currently using on Tuesday nights at 7:30 and Saturday mornings at 7:30. It is a great study! By the way, if you are not yet attending, as Bob Barker used to say on The Price Is Right, “Come on Down!” We would love to have you. It is all about Christian men telling others about their spiritual pilgrimage.

That runs hand-in-hand with what I just read in the Fall 2016 issue of Facts and Trends. Scott McConnell writes about a recent Lifeway study of 2000 unchurched individuals – those who haven’t attended a worship service in the last six months. Who are they? 67% are white. 53% are male. 47% have a high school diploma or less. What did it show? 62% went to church regularly as a child. 19% had a bad experience with people at church. 21% were turned off by the church’s teaching on moral issues. Many seemed to have simply fallen out of the habit of going. Few though are hostile to church. They just don’t think church is for them.

It also showed the unchurched have Christian friends and aren’t turned off by conversations about faith. 79% said “If a friend of mine really values their faith, I don’t mind talking to them about it.” So once again, the challenge for all of us is to go “tell someone!”

(Facts and Trends, Fall 2016, pp.7-13)

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