Tired of the “shock and awe” style of event-driven ministry? What are the key elements in helping someone else mature as a follower of Christ? How do we do it? In 2012, a LifeWay Research project showed eight key steps to follow. The study showed it all begins with Bible engagement…getting people into the Word of God. So let’s get started. Guide them into the Word of God –

1. Comprehensively. Give them a Scripture reading plan that includes the whole counsel of God, not just your favorite texts.
2. Prayerfully. Ask God to help them understand what they read.
3. Closely. Encourage them to look for truths from each passage they study.
4. Textually. Don’t let them get bogged down on a verse or two they don’t understand. Keep them moving.
5. Joyfully. Help them see Bible study as delight, not duty. They are literally hearing the Savior speak to them.
6. Audibly. God’s Word was originally delivered orally. Encourage them to read the Bible out loud . It will help them commit it to memory.
7. Congregationally. Teach them to bring their Bibles to church and read the Scriptures as the pastor does.
8. Missionally. Show them that they are on mission for God. Train them to tell people they know about Jesus.

(adapted from Philip Nation. “Eight Ways to Lead Others in Bible Engagement,” Facts and Trends, Summer 2016, pp.41-42)

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