300_943211In Nederland, Colorado, they have a strange festival called, “Frozen Dead Guy Festival.”  It commemorates Bredo Morstoel, who had himself cryogenically frozen.  There are all kinds of events such as coffin races, a polar plunge, and snow sculptures.  The festival culminates with a tour of Morstoel’s shed, where his frozen remains are stored.  We do a lot of funny things to try to deny death, but death still comes.

On Easter Sunday, we do not celebrate a Person whose body is now lifeless.  We celebrate a Savior who conquered death and is alive forevermore!  Phillip Brooks was a great preacher and a well-known songwriter  remembered for his Christmas carol, “O Little Town Of Bethlehem.”  About Jesus Christ, Phillip Brooks wrote,

“Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;

Death is strong, but life is stronger;

Stronger than the dark; the light;

Stronger than the wrong, the right.”

And then he said to us, “Let every man and woman count himself immortal.  Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in His resurrection.  Let him say not merely, ‘Christ is risen,’ but ‘I shall rise.’”

(adapted from Preaching, March/April 2016, p.8)

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