Christmas-Greeting-Card-Nativity-Scene-by-Dona-GelsingerCharles Spurgeon, the great preacher, once answered this most important question of life in the writing of a poem…

“What the hand is to the lute,
What the breath is to the flute,
What is fragrance to the smell,
What the spring is to the well,
What the flower is to the bee,
That is Jesus Christ to me.

What’s the mother to the child,
What the guide in pathless wild,
What is oil to troubled wave,
What is ransom to the slave,
What is water to the sea,
That is Jesus Christ to me.”

(borrowed from Richard Ellsworth Day’s, The Shadow of the Broad Brim: The Life Story of C.H. Spurgeon.  Grand Rapids: Baker, 1976, p. 186)

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