church_datingWe hear a lot about men being the spiritual leaders in their homes. But what exactly does that man look like? Paul said in Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.” Pretty big shoes to fill, huh? You bet. For many men, it’s not that they are unwilling to be loving leaders; it’s that they don’t know how. Gary Chapman, Ph.D., recently gave some characteristics of a loving leader in the home:

1. A LOVING LEADER VIEWS HIS WIFE AS A PARTNER. He will be thinking about what is best for his wife and will see his wife as an equal partner in the home.

2. A LOVING LEADER COMMUNICATES WITH HIS WIFE. The husband must take the initiative in seeing that healthy, two-way communication becomes a way of life for the couple.

3. A LOVING LEADER PUTS HIS WIFE AT THE TOP OF HIS PRIORTIY LIST. With Christ as his model, a loving leader will take the lead in demonstrating selfless love.

4. A LOVING LEADER DISCOVERS AND MEET HIS WIFE’S NEEDS. A loving leader searches out what brings happiness to his wife and seeks her happiness above his own.

5. A LOVING LEADER MODELS SPIRITUAL AND MORAL VALUES. A loving leader purposes to live a consistent Christian life before his wife.

(adapted from Gary Chapman, Ph.D., Home Life Magazine, October 2014, p.33)

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