Abortion-AdFor Abby Johnson, the closing of a single Planned Parenthood center demonstrated her dramatic reversal from abortion clinic director to leading pro-life advocate. But for pro-lifers throughout the United States, it marked another exhibit in a hopeful trend – abortion centers are shutting down at an unprecedented rate. The total so far this year is 44, according to a pro-life organization that tracts clinic operations.

None was more telling for Johnson than the mid-July closing of the Planned Parenthood center in Bryan, TX. It came less than 4 years after Johnson, burdened by her involvement with abortion, walked out of that clinic as its director and into the offices of the Coalition for Life. “Knowing that the clinic I ran is now closing is the biggest personal victory of my life,” Johnson said.

Operation Rescue reports that this year’s good news surpasses the 25 surgical clinics that shut down last year and the 30 that closed the doors in 2011. “The momentum is shifting dramatically in the pro-life direction,” wrote David Bereit of Baptist Life. Bereit said, citing verses in Proverbs 31 and 24, “I believe will see many more abortion centers closing in the near future.”

(Adapted from a Baptist Press story as read in the Baptist Banner, October 2013, pp. 1, 25, 26-28)

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  1. Gary Bostic says:

    Praise the Lord, Let us pray that this trend continues!!!!!

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