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Childhood faith impacts adult commitment. Homes with serious faith tend to produce children who carry faith into adulthood, according to a recent study by Focus on the Family. “Parents who provide a home where faith is vibrantly practiced – even … Continue reading

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People attending church these days are putting less in the offering plate. That is according to Empty Tomb Inc., a non-profit organization that studies church giving patterns. The decline is part of a long-term pattern of diminished giving. According to … Continue reading

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Where do you go when you need help? At only 15 years of age, Davian Navar Henry has already had a tough life.  According to news reports, he was born in prison, placed in foster care, and while searching for … Continue reading

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The year was 1932. A young man was auditioning before a Hollywood talent scout for a screen test. After the audition, the talent scout wrote this evaluation: “Can’t act. Can’t sing. Can dance a little.” The young man undergoing the … Continue reading

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Who among us has not had the experience of watching a television program building toward a conclusion only to have the phrase “To Be Continued” flash onto the screen? That which we thought was about to end, didn’t. Kind of … Continue reading

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