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We live in a culture which denigrates the importance of fathers. Allow me to share an illustration that rebuffs that view. Richard Reid is more commonly known as the “Shoe-bomber.” On December 22, 2001, this British citizen tried to detonate … Continue reading

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How much influence do you have? Sometimes it is easy to underestimate our influence. We are prone to think, “I am just one person. What possible difference can one person make?” Consider that: In 1645, one vote gave Oliver Cromwell … Continue reading

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A survey of Mainline and Evangelical Protestant Pastors ranked the most important issues facing our country today and showed the following results… Poverty – 25%, Abortion – 24%, Same sex marriage – 20%, Inadequate healthcare – 19%, and the Environment … Continue reading

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Stress is a part of everyday life. The question is not do we feel stress, but how do we deal with it? LifeWay just released a study which showed how people handle stress. When asked, “Where do you turn when … Continue reading

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We seem to have lists for everything these days. We have all heard of the Seven Wonders of the World. But how many of you knew there were even lists for sub-categories of wonders? For example, there are lists that … Continue reading

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Dads, I have noticed something and I know you have experienced this as well. There is always something around the house that needs doing on our day off. There is always a faucet that needs fixing, a garage that needs … Continue reading

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Bonnie Hanson had a problem. Her three-year old grandson was begging her to take him to “big church” with her. Her grandson asked, “Can we just go into big church on Sunday and see God?” She agreed to take him … Continue reading

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