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With all the emphasis on improving education you might think that knowledge is the most important asset in attaining success in the workplace. But the Carnegie Foundation has discovered that relational skills are far more important than knowledge. Their study … Continue reading

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J. Wallace Hamilton has succinctly summarized the reality of disappointment that everyone eventually experiences. He wrote, “Every person’s life is a diary in which he or she intends to write one story and is forced to write yet another.” All … Continue reading

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David Livingstone (1813-1873) was the great Scottish missionary who so impacted the spiritual darkness of Africa with the Gospel of Christ. His gravestone at Westminster Abby reads, “For thirty years his life was spent in an unwearied effort to evangelize.” … Continue reading

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Sir Ernest Shackleton became a folk hero because of his courageous expeditions to Antarctica. He once described his journeys this way; “When I look back on those days with all their anxiety and peril, I cannot doubt that our party … Continue reading

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Back in the 1990’s former Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan was indicted with larceny and fraud charges relating to his years in public service. Over the many months that followed, he was maligned in the press and had his character all … Continue reading

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Have you ever known someone who loved the thrill of doing dangerous things? Often these people take risks that can have permanent consequences. Three young park concession employees at Yellowstone National Park recently jumped into a 178-degree hot thermal pool. … Continue reading

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The embattled commander of the U. S. Navy submarine that collided with a Japanese fishing vessel offered a tearful and long-awaited apology to the families of some of the nine victims. “I’d like to extend my sincere apology,” Commander Scott … Continue reading

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