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People in South Carolina call Charleston “The Holy City.” That doesn’t mean there is no crime there, although Charleston has much less crime than many similar cities. It doesn’t mean that everyone there is honest, although most people try to … Continue reading

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We all begin our day by looking into the mirror. We want to see what we look like, don’t we? During a special building fund drive, a couple in the church wanted to present their offering to the pastor. So … Continue reading

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Yogi Berra was a great catcher for the New York Yankees. When he was behind the plate during a game, he used to talk a lot to the batters in an effort to distract them. One time when Yogi was … Continue reading

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Years ago the rock band ,Three Dog Night, had a hit song that popularized these lyrics, “One is the loneliest number.” As I said in a previous post, God created man to live in communities…primarily the family and the church. … Continue reading

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In 1856, Mr. Kimball was a little-known Sunday School teacher at a church in Boston, Massachusetts. One day he took the opportunity to witness to a young shoe clerk in his employment. The 18 year-old boy’s name was Dwight L. … Continue reading

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A little girl’s confusion with what is commonly referred to as the Lord’s Prayer may have contained more truth than error. She prayed, “And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from e-mail.” (Matthew 6:13) Allow me, if … Continue reading

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According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Linda Wolfe holds the record as the most married woman in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records verifies that fact. Linda, 68, has been married 23 times. Her longest marriage was for 7 … Continue reading

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