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We read about champions of sports, business, and worldly achievement. But we seldom read about those champions of the faith who have gone before us. You may know their names, but not their stories. These are just some of the … Continue reading

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How many of you remember “Hill Street Blues? It was an award-winning television show that ran from 1981-1987 portraying the lives of police officers in an inner-city precinct. The veteran police sergeant (played by the late Michael Conrad for the … Continue reading

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How would you describe your service to God? The story is told of a man who stopped at an intersection on his way home from work. He noticed a long-haired street vendor selling roses for $10.00 per dozen. Never one … Continue reading

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“You’ve Got A Friend”

Can you imagine the shock when a Milwaukee real estate agent entered a house that had been foreclosed and discovered the body of the owner, David Carter? Experts estimate he may have been there for four years. People generally liked … Continue reading

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We often hear about scientists who deny the existence of God. Additionally, the idea is proffered that the findings of science require one to conclude that God is a myth. But how many of you know that many prominent scientists … Continue reading

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Have you ever said something in anger and as you spoke the words you wished you could take them back? Or maybe you said something that you meant one way and someone took it another way? All of us have. … Continue reading

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