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How many of you remember the Dana Carvey character on SNL as the church lady? There was a line that the church lady spoke in every skit that became synonymous with the character. She would say in her squeaky voice, … Continue reading

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Long after bedtime, Arthur turned to his wife and quietly whispered, “Are you asleep?” There was no response so he waited a few minutes and repeated the question. He did this two more times without getting an answer. Feeling confident … Continue reading

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Writing That Check

A wealthy man called his pastor, doctor, and political friend to his bedside.  He told them he disagreed with the conventional belief that you can’t take your money with you when you die.  He gave each man an envelope with … Continue reading

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Unanswered Prayers

UNANSWERED PRAYERS From 1954-1960 there was a television show called “Father Knows Best.”   It starred Robert Young and Jane Wyatt.  It was what we would call today family television.  All the dilemmas got solved within the thirty-minute time slot, but … Continue reading

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This past Sunday night we heard a report on the persecuted church. It was a real attention-getter! In this country, we do not have any sense of what fellow believers around the world are called to endure for their faith. … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens, a much celebrated atheist, died recently. As far as anyone knows, he died without Christ. He wrote a book about his unbelief entitled, God is Not Great. I have to admit I struggle to even read that title. … Continue reading

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Years ago the Houston Chronicle reported that during a school carnival, one of the parents fainted on the school playground and several adults quickly ran over to give first aid. One lady was tending to the unconscious man when another … Continue reading

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