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On what are you focused? In his book, Living Above the Level of Mediocrity, Dr. Chuck Swindoll wrote, “Our eyes are focused on one of four places at all times: on our circumstances, on others, on ourselves, or upon the … Continue reading

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Thirty years in the ministry has taught me something that is simple yet very profound. Everyone has problems. No matter who you are, it goes with the turf. Some have family struggles; some have health issues; others have financial difficulties…some … Continue reading

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Repentance is probably one of the most misunderstood words in the Bible. Many people confess their sins with a view toward forgiveness, but without genuine repentance accompanying that confession. The story is told of a priest who was hearing confession … Continue reading

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Who among us hasn’t visited a Wal-Mart and been greeted as you entered the store? Maybe it is a small thing but I think it makes an impact on every customer, every time. The late Sam Walton saw this first … Continue reading

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Rumor has it that men sometimes get temporarily disoriented. It is also suggested that men are reluctant to stop and ask for directions. Something about that pride thing. Let me tell you about a Massachusetts family who got lost in … Continue reading

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Did you hear about the Iowa couple who were married for 72 years? Their names were Gordon and Norma Yeager. Not only did they stay together for all those years, they stayed committed for all those years. Their son, Dennis, … Continue reading

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As of this past weekend, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is again the hot topic of conversation among the so-called experts of professional football. Tim led his team in a playoff win over the Pittsburg Steelers in a game few … Continue reading

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