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In a Garfield comic strip, we find Garfield looking at a December calendar. He says, “It’s the holiday season. I just love this time of year. It makes me feel greedy all over.” Wow! It does feel sometimes that greed … Continue reading

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A number of years ago a young girl sat at the counter of an ice cream store.  “How much is an ice cream sundae?”  she asked.  “Fifty cents,” the waitress replied with hardly a glance at the child.  The girl … Continue reading

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A boy was so impressed by the Washington Monument he wanted to buy it.  The security guard responded by saying, “First, you can’t buy it because it is not for sale.  Second, you couldn’t afford it even if it was.  … Continue reading

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Anger can be lethal.  Dr. Lewis Smedes told of writing a book on forgiveness.  As part of the book’s promotional campaign, he appeared on a talk show where people could call in and respond to what he had said.  One … Continue reading

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It is not uncommon for Navy ships and submarines to sail under sealed orders. The captain is given an envelope which is opened after the ship embarks from the port. Rather than unveiling the entire course, the directions simply give … Continue reading

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Last night I received a tweet from my son, Matt. He simply said, “Thanks Dad.” I wondered what he was thanking me for…so I checked the messages again and saw a previous tweet from him. It was a quote from … Continue reading

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It is said, “God can do wonders with a broken heart if you will give him all the pieces.”  Some people have broken hearts because of a failed romance.  Some have broken hearts because of the termination of a marriage.  … Continue reading

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